Sunday, January 29, 2017

tay tay

Tay is my boon companion. We made a good go as a romance and stepped into a much better friendship a million years ago (I'm so thankful that my parents showed me that was possible). She's sharp and mean and her cat is the only mammal besides elephants that can't jump. She's a line cook, legendary in local kitchens for her skills, her humor, her loyalty, and her dedication to taking no shit. I'd tell you a few of those legends, but she'd hate me a little for it.

When something needs doing, she does it. She's working through scary medical stuff like a fucking pro. She's there if you need her, even if she's been puking all day.

Tay may be the funniest person I know, when the mood strikes her. She's saved my life a few times, and I love her.

Happy birthday, Tay. Glad you're here.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

since last we met

I have, in no particular order:

- lost 50-some-odd pounds

- shuffled some of my nights of trivia around, adding a queer Sunday and a once a month gig at a suburban gold club

- recently spent affectionate time with several cool people

- successfully helped run yet another year of Gaines Street Fest

- remembered I was writing a blog.