Wednesday, July 27, 2016

too long between visits

There's a woman in North Carolina that I never see. There's a woman in North Carolina that is very busy and owns a house and two dogs and I wish I saw her more often. There's a woman in North Carolina that I have mostly given up on, that I doubt I'll ever give up on completely. There's a woman in North Carolina that's fucked up in just the right ways to make the ways in which I'm fucked up worth it. Come to sunny Florida, North Carolina woman. Sunny Florida misses you.


  1. Yep. I wish she would. She's a real nice lady.

  2. I hope she reads this.
    I hope she understand how you feel about her.
    I hope she realized just how great you are!

  3. liv: Oh, she knows. It's more a matter of distance and lives and situations, you know?

    Birdie: My family, my life, my work is here. And she can say the same. In my 20s, yes, now - not so much.

  4. Yes sometimes that happens. You meet someone and they live far away. You never know what might happen but it would be great if you both could be together in the same place. I couldn't move now as my work and family are here. Things change as you get older.

    1. Yep. My job, although non-traditional, would be nigh on impossible to move somewhere I have no connections.

  5. Have you encouraged her to come?????

  6. I dig the way you write. It says so much.