Thursday, August 4, 2016

end of the day

If you make yourself a late meal before turning in and it's 5:30am, you can call it breakfast if you want. If you make ramen, add soy sauce and powdered ginger and crack two eggs from your mom's chickens to poach in the boiling broth. Watch something soothing while you eat it. Watch a mystery you already solved. Don't think of better soups, enjoy what you have.


  1. Enjoy what you have , such good advice that applies to many things in life,

  2. We had poached eggs last night. They sustain us.

  3. All sounds like the path to a good tomorrow.

  4. One of my favourite meals!

    When I worked nights I always wanted supper in the morning and breakfast when I got up at 6:00 p.m. I could come home in the morning and drink a beer.

  5. Leisha: The secret to a happy life.

    Mama: Me, too. Thank you, chickens.

    liv: So far, so good. Had lunch with my compadre Lindsey and am now working on trivia. It's Doctor Who night!

    Birdie: Yep, when I switched to sleeping in the morning I realized I was now justified in drinking beer any time I wanted.