Sunday, August 28, 2016


My starter is still broken - to be fixed this week - and I haven't got so much as a spare dollar, so today is sort of odd, quiet, and boring. Happens sometimes, I guess.

All my hangout friends are night time people.
I'd go for a walk, but it's 98 degrees outside and I would die. Possibly literally.
I have data entry I need to do for the upcoming festival, but really?
There's trivia to be written for tomorrow, but I'm not feeling inspired.
Had I a car, I could maybe get laid, but that will have to wait.
I could clean, but fuck it.

Hmm. Fuck it. I think that may be the phrase I'm looking for here.

Not at the local Mexican restaurant drinking two for one margaritas and eating tacos, thereby upsetting my plans for healthier eating.
Eventually I will get bored enough to get some work done.
This isn't my general situation or attitude, so I don't feel guilty about wallowing in cabin fever a little.
My cat is really cute. Here is a picture of Johnny trying to help distract me.

No, I don't wear a shirt when working on the computer. This is Florida.


  1. Funday, yea!!!
    It's not all that hot here, but it is hot. Which is kind of weird because the leaves are already falling off the trees. Which is actually a treat because one of my favorite things is crunching leaves.
    Johnny is so tiny, and so pretty!
    And I love your tattoo.

    1. No leaves falling here, we are still green as a very green thing. And thanks - I got that tattoo after chest surgery.

  2. You could take a picture of all your tattoos and do a post.

    I am wanting to get one more but I can decide on a font so I keep putting it off.

  3. Let's steal some spray paint from someone's garage and tag something tonight. Lol

    1. Make me feel like a kid again. Hell, right now I'm just trying to find a ride to work later. Can't wait for my car to be fixed!

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  5. I love your tattoo. I want one but am too afraid. I heard you can't be high or drunk and I'd need something. I'm so scared of some things in life. You're brave

    1. You wouldn't want to be high or drunk. High would just stretch the whole experience out and drunk would think your blood and possibly affect the looks of the tattoo. It's really, really not that scary once you get down to it. Promise.

  6. I love that tattoo more than l could ever put into words Maggi